Zang Case Studies

See how our customers are using Zang.

Avaya OneCloud CPaaS

Volar Mobile

In the competition for customer engagement, reaching customers where they are – literally – puts organizations ahead of the game. Learn how Avaya OneCloud CPaaS helps Volar Mobile engage customers with SMS.

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Avaya OneCloud CPaaS


See how Travalet deployed Avaya OneCloud CPaaS, a communications platform as a service (cPaaS) offering that allows businesses to communication-enable any application, workflow or business process.

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Avaya OneCloud CPaaS


Take a look at how the founders of WhatConverts discovered a solution in Avaya OneCloud CPaaS, a cPaaS offering that allows businesses to communication-enable any application, workflow or business process.

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Zang Office

Marine Rescue Technologies

Marine Rescue Technologies provides life-saving safety solutions to the marine + energy sectors and in order to elevate customer support they chose to implement Zang Office, a cloud-based phone system.

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TapeACall Avaya OneCloud CPaaS


TapeACall provides an easy way to record calls on an iPhone and in order to address increased demand for the app, TapeACall partnered with Zang to introduce enhanced scalability and reliability.

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BBBNowAvaya OneCloud CPaaS

BBB now

BBB now provides real-time customer engagement using SMS and instant messaging. Learn how BBB now and Zang enable Man Crates to better connect and communicate with their customers.

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OwnerListensAvaya OneCloud CPaaS


OwnerListens makes messaging your customers easy. So when they needed a secure and reliable way to facilitate conversations between businesses and their customers, they turned to Zang’s API.

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ImaginationSoftAvaya OneCloud CPaaS


ImaginationSoft, a custom software development company, relies on Zang to enable scalable and low-cost SMS notifications in their apps.

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Fonolo< Avaya OneCloud CPaaS


Fonolo has created a cloud-based technology that conveniently integrates with call centers and assists them in improving the customer experience. So when they needed an easy way to integrate SMS into their applications, they partnered with Zang.

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Mutare< Avaya OneCloud CPaaS


Mutare provides unified communications technology and recently revolutionized the way we think about voicemail by using the Avaya OneCloud CPaaS API to alert users via SMS to missed calls — avoiding the hassle of being tethered to your desk.

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